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From Your Trusted Ozark, MO Dealer

Best Recipes for the Big Game

Best Recipes for the Big Game | Ozark, MO

The year’s biggest, most-anticipated football game is just around the corner. If you’re not heading out to watch it, maybe you’re thinking of hosting your own viewing party. If so, let these ideas for recipes for the big game take your snack table to the next level.


Slow-Cooker Chicken Wings

At Ozark Chevrolet, we believe in working smarter rather than harder, which is why when it comes to cooking, we’re always fans of the crockpot. Slow-cooker chicken wings allow you to serve a classic item without much effort so that you can enjoy the party yourself. Find the right recipe for your taste online, set the slow-cooker, and enjoy.

Giant Party Sub

Another easy way to feed a gang of people is by making one big sandwich that everyone can share. Not only do party subs look nice when sliced and displayed on the table, but they also give you creative rights to put on or leave off whatever ingredients you prefer.

Chips and Dip

This is a classic snack to have around for any football game, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are all kinds of recipes on the internet, from buffalo chicken dip to bacon cheeseburger dip.

Slow-Cooker Sandwiches

If you want a main dish that’s easy to prepare, there are dozens of recipes for slow-cooker sandwich fillings. Choose from entrees like pulled pork, meatballs, and spicy chicken. Or, have a friend bring their crockpot and serve a few options for a happy football-watching crowd.

Whatever your game-viewing plans, we at Ozark Chevrolet hope it’s a memorable time.

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