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From Your Trusted Ozark, MO Dealer

Three Ways to Get Your Car Unstuck from Snow

Get Your Car Unstuck from Snow | Ozark Chevrolet

If you live in Missouri or anywhere that has a snowy winter, chances are you may find yourself in some inclement weather sometime this season. Hopefully, roads near you are plowed consistently, but if not, it’s a good idea to know how to get your car unstuck from snow. Here are three ways to escape the slippery frozen slush.

Rock it

Moving your car from forward to reverse can help you dislodge snow around the wheels and find traction. If you have a buddy who can push, have him help you rock the car by pushing while you gently hit the gas, then ceasing to push while you let off the gas. Otherwise, you can switch from forward to reverse, but be sure to completely stop in between in order to protect the transmission.

Remove snow around tires

It’s always helpful to have a shovel on hand in the winter, so keep one in your car’s trunk for such an occasion. Using a shovel to clear snow from around your car’s tires and from underneath the vehicle can help free up space for traction.

Use cat litter

Cat litter, as well as sandbags or dirt, can be a great tool to have if you’re ever stuck in the snow. By sprinkling a few handfuls under each tire, these items will help you create traction in the snow so that you can get your car free.

To help make sure your car is ready for the demands of winter driving, schedule a maintenance check at Ozark Chevrolet.

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