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From Your Trusted Ozark, MO Dealer

How to Take a Dog-Friendly Road Trip

Dog Friendly Road Trip | Ozark Chevy

If you’ve never brought your four-legged friend along on a road trip before, it might sound daunting. The truth is a road trip with your dog can actually be tons of fun! These tips for a dog-friendly road trip will help you make the most of your journey and your pooch’s company.

Plan Plenty of Stops

The fact that your pup will need a potty break as much as you do should go without saying. But what you might not realize is that your pup will also need time at these rest stops to get in a little exercise and relaxation. Plan to make 20-30 minute stops every three hours or so, and try to find places with open space where your dog can play and explore.

Pack Your Pup’s Bag

You’ll want to triple check to be sure that your dog will have everything he needs on the trip. Make a checklist first, adding to it things like food, water, dishes, leash, protective gear, toys, treats, chew toys, and any medications.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you head out for the big road trip, take a few shorter trips with your dog to prepare. Drive for two to three hour stretches and see how your dog handles it. This will help you decide whether it will be best to crate your pup during the road trip or whether he will do okay running freely in the cabin.


If you’re in need of a new car for your pup-friendly road trip or accessories to make the trip easier, visit Ozark Chevrolet. It’s always a good idea to get your vehicle checked out before a road trip, too; schedule a maintenance check with our service department.

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